Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Nigthmare ... My Horizontally Impacted Wisdom Tooth to be extracted

Its been few months now that my 1st lower right molar has developed sensitivity to water ... after doing all the research & analysis I was sure that reason for pain was amalgam filling which had started to come out near the edges.

It had a simple solution: Replace the filling ... which according to me is a very painful procedure.

After severe pain for 2 days last week I was taken to a dentist (against my will) on weekend in a very reputed hospital. Ms. Dentist after completely peeping into my mouth said "We need an x-ray, as I need to know if the filling is touching your tissues". I never have a good feeling when in a dental clinic, so getting x-ray was also not really something I wanted to do, but Mr. Hubby was very interested in getting my teeth sorted out. So went ahead with an x-ray.

Mr. HOD Dentist checked my report "You have a sleeping tooth, this needs to be extracted" ... as soon as he finished his sentence my mouth was open & looking at Mr. Hubby I was nodding my head thinking "NO ways am I getting that done ...

Now it was turn of Ms. Dentist to explain the dangers of not getting the extraction done ... & at the end of it Mr. Hubby had only one question to ask (with a naughty smile & looking at me) "How much will it pain?"

Thinking in a filmy direction Ms. Dentist should have said "Not much, its a simple procedure" ... Here I went wrong, guess Ms. Dentist doesn’t watch many movies, her answer to this was "It will pain as this requires cutting bone partially, then you will have to be on liquid diet for 3 days" ... With a serious look on her face she continued "If not pulled out now this will cause more problems/pain for you later". So Mr. Hubby decided this will be done on next weekend. Appointment Booked. (But I had a very different opinion which was not considered :( )

Out of hospital & I called papa, hoping he would suggest not to get it removed. Again I was wrong, after telling him whole story he says "Nahi beta get it removed ASAP this will cause problems later on & what the big deal your sis got 2 removed at same time, you need to get this done don’t delay it" ... Awww poor me no1 to support ...

Mr. Hubby has made it a point that he keeps reminding me of tooth extraction almost 50 times in a day, also irrespective of whom he is speaking to he says "This weekend we are busy, munu needs to get her tooth removed & then she will have pain"

It’s been 6 days now & day after tomorrow is The DAY.
From last 2 days I have read all I could find on google with search as "Horizontally Impacted wisdom tooth".

It’s weird that each time someone speaks to me about it or I read anything related, I feel strange pain in my jaw.

       Now I can’t do much but wait for it to come!!!


  1. Hope its done by now and relatively painless, well, I'll leave you to define what 'relatively painless' actually mean..:)